There has been a lot of graffiti appearing around school recently, organised through Poplar Harca, as part of the regeneration of our area. To help us learn about this kind of art further, we had a graffiti artist come in to school. Scotty B came and worked with us last year, and we were really happy that he wanted to come back and work with us again.

All of year 6 worked with Scotty, making giant murals based on famous stories. These graffiti murals are going to go on a building developers site in Whitechapel as public art.

The children had a great time learning how to use a spray can to paint with, and after learning how graffiti is made went back to class to write about if they thought graffiti was art or not? I think we can all agree that the graffiti year 6 produced is most definitely art! Please do look out for it if you are passing Whitechapel High Street.