New term, new topic!

This term, Year 3 will be learning all about The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. It’s a fantastic story so we’d definitely recommend you reading it at home.

To really get into our new learning, we immersed ourselves on a fun packed day full of super activities. Continue reading to find out what we did:

Iron Man Portraits

Using pastels and crayons, we drew portraits of the Iron Man. It was tremendously fun.


Tin Can Iron Heads

We then used tin cans (that we took from our school kitchen) and created our very own Iron Man heads! We had to be very creative in the way we made our Iron Man heads because we didn’t have unlimited resources so we used….. buttons, cards and foil. You’d never believe how amazing our projects look. Have a look below:


Once our projects were complete, we turned them into a classroom display. WE think they look AWESOME! What do you think?