Today (25th January 2017), we went on the most phenomenal trip ever. 6B went to Canary Wharf ice-skating rink and we had so much fun.

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We travelled on the DLR and walked several minutes to find the venue. Whilst travelling, it was clear to see that we were all anxious about the next 15 minutes.

Once we arrived, we exchanged our school shoes for the skates (this took us some time) and slowly entered the rink. As we clambered on to the ice, we were surprised by how slippery it was and grabbed on to the edge of the rink.

Our instructors were extremely patient and helpful; they taught us how to skate confidently. As well as that, they gave us lots of advice, such as to take small V shaped steps.

The most useful advice was: to not be scared. Inevitably, we all fell down (except for Miss Drummonds and Mrs Stevens) and we smiled, got back up and continued to have fun.

It was only once we had a growth mindset and a  ‘can do’ attitude, that we were able to skate around like professionals. Some of us were even racing each other.

We are all eager to go ice skating again. It was definitely a memorable experience for everyone – including the teachers.

*Click on the links below to watch the videos.

Sanjida, Samiuel, Musab, Khadija and Faiza – on behalf of 6B

Lots of laughter.

“This is getting easier.”

“I can do it!”

Ready, Steady…

Confidently skating

Taking off.

Our first challenge – letting go.