On Tuesday the 11th of September, both year six classes visited the House of Parliament.

This is what Mumith and Aaisha had to say about their experience:

‘When we went to the House of Lords, there was a royal room which only the queen could go into. We saw a throne that Queen Victoria had sat on. She also had a stool that she needed because she was too heavy to go on the throne. Queen Victoria’s signature can also be seen on the ceilings and walls.There was a lunch hall which was made out of gold and had an exquisite chandelier hanging from the ceiling.’

‘Later on, we saw a painting of the war that happened at Waterloo. We also saw a statue of Queen Victoria and her companions by her side, which was built over hundreds of years ago. Helen (our tour guide) told us many things about Parliament as she showed us round.’

‘These benches are where the peers in the House of Lords sit. We were not allowed to sit on the benches because we had not been knighted by the Queen.’