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Connect with Respect

Childnet International is a non-profit organisation working with others to help make the internet a great and safe place for children. The organisation runs a competition every year for children to make films which raise awareness of internet safety. Hepworth Class...

3A enjoy the ‘Street Elite Festival’

3a had a smashing time at the Street Elite Festival in Bartlett Park today. The annual event this year was even better, there was a live dj and children got to participate in various sports and fitness activities such as football, rugby, tennis, street dance, handball, rowing to name a few. to top it up, there was even a cycle with a blender attached to it and when it was pedalled, it was blending a smoothy! It was very stimulating and the greatest thing about it was that there was an activity there for everyone!

Yr3 Anglo Saxons Topic

3a drew self portraits today with a difference. Today they imagined they were Anglo Saxon people and drew their self portrait as queens, kings and soldiers amongst a few. They then wrote their names using Anglo Saxon letters called runes. To finish off, they created a bayeaux tapestry. They had a successful day! Well done everyone!

Lights, Camera, Action!

3A love to put on an awesome assembly and that’s exactly what they did this week for the whole school community! The children worked tremendously hard to put together a spectacular show. There was singing, there was acting and even some dancing! Everyone at school thoroughly enjoyed the show and it was very rewarding to hear all the positive comments after the show. Well done to 3A, keep reaching for the stars!

Fractions Immersion lesson

3A had a (whole) load of fun during their fraction immersion lesson today. The class were divided into groups and completed different activities relating to fractions. One activity was a fraction table on which they had to divide groups of resources into fractions- such as to share 9 calculators into thirds or 12 cubes into quarters. We also made a fraction wall, coloured fractions of shapes and had a go at writing fractions on a fraction numberline. 3A found it enjoyable to use real objects to help them understand what the fractions mean. We look forward to learning more about fractions!

Y3 visit St Mary and St Joseph’s Church

3A and 3B met Father Kieth of St Mary and St Joseph’s Church in Poplar today, who kindly taught them about the festival of Easter and Lent. they were told about the Story Of Jesus and how he was crucified, then resurrected. They learnt how the festival of Easter came about to celebrate the day that Jesus had come back to life. YR3 got to learn about the history of the church, when it was built, how big it is, and what ceremonies take place inside the church. YR3 were intrigued at the amount of space inside the church and really enjoyed the tour inside the church. They also asked father Keith lots of fantastic questions and learnt lots of interesting new facts. Did you know that the alter inside the church is actually the shape of a bomb? This is to remember the bomb that fell on part of the church and the surrounding area during the 1st World War. Have a look at some of the pictures from inside the church.

Internet Safety Month

For Safer Internet Month, 3A looked at ways that they could make being online a safe experience. They had a class discussion about the things thay can do to stay safe online; exploring this through different scenarios of potential problems online, and the best course of action to resolve it. They then made posters to raise awareness of internet safety. Have a look at some of the work produced!

3A travel back in time to the Roman Era

3A have had a wonderful week travelling back in time with 4 visiting ‘scientists’! They were sent on a mission to discover how the Romans lived, what Rome looked like, the special buildings that were there and the lifestyle. 3A got a chance to build their own Roman structures such as a temple, an aqueduct and coliseum with various recycled materials. They got to march as Roman soldiers, learn the Myth of Vulcan and role play scenes from the myth. They also learnt about the famous city of Pompeii and the volcanic eruption that devastated the city! They mapped out a timeline of events leading up to the eruption and wrote diary entries imaging that they were there. They debated on the arguments for and against escaping from the volcano eruption and have built their own volcanoes to be erupted later! And if that wasn’t enough excitement already, they have baked traditional Roman bread which they will get to enjoy in a grand feast fit for a Roman emperor! What a delightful end to their week. Thanks to the visiting ‘scientists’ for such a fun packed week. We hope you enjoyed experiencing this learning journey with 3A!

3A learn about light and reflection

This week, 3A have been learning about light and reflection. They conducted a scientific inquiry in which they explored what happens to light when it is shone on different surfaces. The used a torch and mirrors to reflect light from one surface to another, learnt that light only travels in straight lines so they angled a series of mirrors to see if they could make light bend around an object! They learnt lots of interesting facts about light so make sure you ask them to share one with you!

Life Drawing

Life drawing is a skill that artists develop over time, and is often first learned at art college. Today Hepworth Class drew their friends, looking closely at scale and proportion. The models had a hard job as they had to stay perfectly still, like a statue, in a pose...

We are an Artsmark Gold school

We are very happy to announce that we are now an Artsmark Gold school. Creative learning is at the heart of our school, and we are very proud of our commitment to developing the whole child. There is lots of evidence that shows learning through the arts supports...

Learning about fossils was such fun!

Year 3 had a fantastic week this week by taking on the role of mini scientists and learning all about fossils. They learned what fossils are, how they are made and why they are important to us. Firstly, they discussed the stages of how a fossil is made. Then they used resources to make their own fossils. Sadly, they didn’t have a real dead dinosaur to fossilise, so they were happy to just use a bone shaped dog biscuit instead! They placed their bone in a cup, put plasticine underneath (to replicate the seabed), then covered this in salt, food-colouring and tissue (to replicate layers of sediment, rocks and minerals that help to make fossils). The experiment was very fun and all children are eagerly looking forward to seeing what their fossil will turn out like (normally, they would have to wait millions of years for a fossil to form, but luckily for us, it will be next week!) Well done Year 3!

Y3’s trip to The Natural History Museum

Y3 had a tremendous day at the Natural History Museum this week. Once there, they explored every area of discovery the Museum had to offer! Some of the things they saw were fossils of dinosaurs that had been discovered by Mary Anning, the skeleton of a blue whale, the actual model of a huge blue whale, models of nearly every animal and bird that exists and even a section that was dedicated to creepy crawlies! (Saddiya our bug expert was well impressed!) They got a feel of what the middle of the Earth looked like by travelling into the Globe Structure, they learnt about volcanoes and how they erupt and even braved an earthquake simulator! Most children came out of the earthquake simulator in one piece, not sure I can say the same about the teachers though! (We are pretty sure Mr Benoir was still shaking even when he returned to school!) All in all it was an awesome day and Y3 were excellent ambassadors for Lansbury Lawrence! Well Done!

Sculpting their way to Success

3A have kick started their academic year with a bang by immersing themselves into their new class, topic and routines. They have already experienced sitting around a campfire to hear a story.They have transformed their classroom into a Stone Age cave. They made cave paintings and have created Barbara Hepworth inspired clay sculptures. Their sculptures are so beautiful, they can be mistaken for Barbara Hepworth’s very own ones. Great start 3A. We are in love with the shape of your sculptures! Keep moulding your way to the top!

The Mammoth Hunt

Year 3 have been learning a story about Kroll, a young boy who lived in the New Stone Age. Kroll is part of a hunter gatherer tribe and the time has come for him to join the hunt. Hokusai class decided to retell the story as an epic blockbuster movie, sit back and...

Getting into geometry

Today, we were introduced to our new unit of work for maths – geometry. We explored lines of symmetry, quarter and half turns, properties of 2D and 3D shapes and use Venn diagrams to sort and classify. All of this was linked to our pirate topic.

Friday Fractions Fun

Early last Friday morning, a strange treasure chest appeared outside the Delaunay classroom door, surrounded by a swarm of sea gulls. Captain McNerney and Captain Ruskin dragged the heavy chest inside and revealed its contents to the excited children. It seems that...

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