Monday 15th May 2017

Today is our first day in Gorsefield, it was adventurous as we did some really fun activities.
There are so many areas to play outside around the house; tree house, sand pit, football pitch, stage and much more.

We did some team activities so we could learn how to work as a team, supporting each other. There were four activities; ‘Save the bomb,’ ‘blind trek,’ ‘gushing river’ and ‘spider web.’ It was a real challenge as we didn’t have many tools to help us, but we still managed to complete the challenge successfully.

For lunch, we ate quiche, which a lot of children had experienced for the first time, and for desert, we ate upside down pineapple cake which was delicious. For dinner, we ate flavoursome pasta bake and a healthy fruit salad.

We are looking forward to the adventures planned for tomorrow.