In Year 6, we have been preparing our own French Cafe. We had to apply for the jobs and then we had an       interview – it was quite challenging speaking in French for the whole time.



This is the interview process.

In class, we have been preparing the food to sell; advertising the cafe; did origami and we research the products. The best part was collecting research because we were able to communicate with other children in order to find out what they were interested in.

We’ve really enjoyed the experience and cannot wait to sell this afternoon at 3:30pm and next week.

Thank you for reading

Year 6


This is the market research – we added up the numbers to decide what was the most popular item and what was the least popular item.


Our origami


Selling our products in the KS1 playground.


Making posters


Decorating biscuits. (They were really popular!)

IMG_0193 IMG_0181