At Lansbury Lawrence our broad, balanced and innovative curriculum offers children the very best day-to-day learning experiences possible.

However, we feel that our children deserve even more. Our curriculum is enriched by offering children opportunities and experiences that they may not otherwise have access to. These experiences captivate imaginations, introduce children to new interests, develop confidence in speaking and listening skills and raise aspirations for the future.

Regular enrichment activities we offer include:

Educational Visits Educational trips and visits support and enhance our thematic curriculum. Each class will go on at least one educational visit each half term.

Visits may include:

  • the theatre
  • a range of museums
  • art galleries
  • local parks and outdoor spaces
  • historical venues, or places of interest in and around London
  • residential visits to Gorsefield and Suffolk (Years Five and Six)

Visitors and Workshops

We also have additional workshops and visits to enhance children’s learning experiences.

Workshops and visitors include:

  • animal shows
  • puppet making workshops
  • historical drama activities
  • planetarium domes
  • cultural drama and dance workshops
  • ICT and computing workshops

African Drumming Every Friday, Penny Elkins from Tower Hamlets Arts and Music Education Service (THAMES) comes in to teach African Drumming to Year One and Two.

String Instruments On Thursdays Patricia Bento Tomé from THAMES teaches violin and cello to Year Three and Four.

Choir We have a choir for pupils in Key Stage Two.

Performing Arts All children get to take part in at least one performance during the school year. One highlight of the year are the Christmas productions that children from Nursery to Year Six participate in.

Wigmore Hall Schools Partnership Lansbury Lawrence is very lucky to be involved in a partnership with Wigmore Hall and THAMES. Wigmore Hall offers CPD and support to teachers in delivering quality first Music teaching across the school, as well as inviting professional musicians in to the school to enrich our thematic and cross-curricular Learning Projects.

Sport Provision We believe that children should be healthy, fit, active and enjoy competition in sport.

In addition to two full hours of Physical Education each week with our specialist sports coach (including swimming for Year Four and Five), children have opportunities to participate in a variety of athletic and sports clubs as well as taking part in events and competitions with other schools.

We hold a number of Specialty Days and Weeks throughout the year such as The Big Draw, Science Week, Comic and Sports Relief.

For a full list of enrichment opportunities see the SMSC and British Values section of our w ebsite.


in 6B, four people known as Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, the Royal Guards and the three witches stand accused for murder of Gentle King Duncan! The Jury, 6B, are trying to find out who is most guilty for Duncan`s murder. Classmates found they had more evidence...

Newsletter 13th October

We are an Artsmark Gold school

We are very happy to announce that we are now an Artsmark Gold school. Creative learning is at the heart of our school, and we are very proud of our commitment to developing the whole child. There is lots of evidence that shows learning through the arts supports...

Striving for improvement through Peer teaching in Year 4

Amy, Angel and Thazkiyra lead an improvement session during project time.  All three children supported Mr. Benoit yesterday in creating a model of excellence regarding project books.  Taking this knowledge into the classroom all three children shared their expertise...

Room for Art update

Just a quick update with a few photographs of the project from the last two weeks. The children have been learning about the different processes of being an architect; measuring the site of the art room, making models and researching surface texture through making...

Observing Nature

Year 1 went outside to look closely at the different trees in the secret garden area of the playground. We used different media to draw the trees, and tried to look closely and draw what we could see. It was lovely to draw outside, observing nature, and working in our...

London’s Burning!

Delaunay Class produced these wonderful prints based on their current learning theme, The Fire of London. First they painted different colours and textures to create the flames, then they collaged the flames and made their own printing plates to print houses on top of...


  After last weeks games the Lansbury Lawrence Yr5/6 team were eager to score a goal and try to add to the point they earned from week 1. Unfortunately the team were unable to add any points losing all three games, however two stunning saves from the Old Palace...

Learning about fossils was such fun!

Year 3 had a fantastic week this week by taking on the role of mini scientists and learning all about fossils. They learned what fossils are, how they are made and why they are important to us. Firstly, they discussed the stages of how a fossil is made. Then they used resources to make their own fossils. Sadly, they didn’t have a real dead dinosaur to fossilise, so they were happy to just use a bone shaped dog biscuit instead! They placed their bone in a cup, put plasticine underneath (to replicate the seabed), then covered this in salt, food-colouring and tissue (to replicate layers of sediment, rocks and minerals that help to make fossils). The experiment was very fun and all children are eagerly looking forward to seeing what their fossil will turn out like (normally, they would have to wait millions of years for a fossil to form, but luckily for us, it will be next week!) Well done Year 3!

House of Parliament – Vote class Riley!

Wow - what an amazing trip!  The Palace of Westminster is an incredible building full of history, royalty and law! Today we visited the Houses of Parliament as a class to see where our MPs and peers meet to represent us and debate new laws. During the morning, we...
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