This term has been a rollercoaster for Delaunay class and we have really enjoyed the ride! We came back to school and were united with our friends. We got back into our usual school routines. We got to celebrate Science week, Steam day, and International Women’s day. We got to learn about The UK which was our theme this term. We ended the term learning about why people celebrate Easter and made our very own Easter hats for the parade tomorrow! We are looking forward to next term which will be warmer, even more fun and we will be learning all about the 7 continents of the world!

Aadam and Arisha busy creating hats for our annual easter hat parade. The excitement is real!
In Geography, we learned about the 4 countries of the UK, their capital cities, the seas near them and finally made their flags. We also learned about the physical and human features of a place in the UK (Mile End Park) then compared it to a different place around the world (Rio De Janeiro)
In English, we worked on Little Red Riding Hood. We created our own version of the story but based it in the UK (well Poplar to be precise!) We made wanted posters for the Big Bad Wolf using lots of description, adjectives and expanded noun phrases.