We are very proud of the wonderful choice of after-school club opportunities open to the children at Lansbury Lawrence’s, run by a dedicated team of teachers and coaches. We hope there is something for everyone. The wide range of activities is all part of a core philosophical aim to broaden children’s learning and to value a breadth of achievement. Our aim is to help the children to find their personal strengths and a love of learning in all its forms.

Application Process

Clubs are open to year 2 – 6 pupils and most clubs run for 10 sessions.

Permission slips for each club are send out a week before it is are due to start.  The forms include all details of dates, times, locations and any kit requirements.  All clubs are FREE.

Most clubs take place directly after school finishes and are over by 4.30pm, and most take place on the school premises.

For more information please see Michelle (Out of Hours learning co-ordinator)

Procedure for Non-Attendence

If, for any reason a child cannot attend a session, it is important that the school office is informed. This is to ensure the safety and whereabouts of the children at all times and avoids unnecessary phone calls.

Market Garden Sale

The Lansbury Lawrence Garden Club was invited to sell our fruits and vegetables to members of our Tower Hamlet Council. this is an annual event where schools all across Tower Hamlets come together and sell different things they've grown and made to employees of the...

Football Club

Football Club

  This is our Lansbury Arena we moved the benches to make our arena. We are learning to pass the ball with the inside of our foot. We are also learning how to dribble and change direction with the ball this can be hard!        "We really like learning...

Bagel Pizza

Bagel Pizza

Last week, myself and my friends in the year4 cooking club made Bagel Pizzas. Firstly, we toasted our bagels on one side and then added butter. We then put tinned tomatoes on top of it. After that we cut our cooked sausages into small circles and covered the tomatoes...

Fencing Afterschool Club

Fencing Afterschool Club

Fencing club is really fun it helps us to keep fit. Each week at the end of the club we have a knockout tournament, this is really exciting and challenging By Javed & Siddiqur...

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