The  staff  would  like  to  take  this  opportunity  to  welcome  you  and  your  family  to  Bluebell Class

The   Nursery   are   the   first   stages   of   the   Early   Years  Foundation  Stage  of  your  child’s  education. Following  this  we  hope they  continue  this  stage  of  their  education  in  our  Reception  classes.
At   Lansbury Lawrence   we   aim   to   provide   a   happy,   secure,   friendly,   stimulating  environment  where children  learn  and  have  fun  together,  supported  by  an  enthusiastic  and  professional  staff  team.
Nursery  is  led  by  qualified  Early  Years  staff.  Each  member  of  staff  is  a  Key  Person   with   special   responsibility   for   a   small   group   of   children,   giving  them  the  reassurance  to  feel  safe  and  cared  for.  They  will  also  work  to  build  relationships  with  each  of  their  parents.
Best wishes
Rina, Chris, Pauline and Mark