This week, we went to Langdon Park Secondary School to watch students performing Blood Brothers. The whole performance was amazing! The students were excellent- they really got into their characters, capturing their voices and attitudes. The use of the sound effects and lighting really added a great deal of drama and excitement to the performance too! We loved the part where the dancers performed with light bands on their wrists! We all felt a roller coaster of emotions- sitting at the edge of our seats for some parts!


Blood Brothers was a story set in 1900 and I enjoyed the part where Micky and Eddie became blood brothers and the part when they stood up for each other. – Syeda

I liked the play, it was cool! The gun shots felt real and the students performing were great actors! – Kofil


A HUGE thank you to the students and teachers at Langdon Park Secondary School for inviting us, allowing us to be part of something extraordinary!