This week, Kahlo Class have been discussing the meaning of anti-bullying week and how we can encourage respect for others.

Given a task of using the iPads to tell a story in a creative fashion, we divided into groups and spent an afternoon planning, shooting (and re-shooting), and editing our films.

Please enjoy them below:

Anti-Bullying – Angel, Saira, Madiha

Anti-Bullying – Sumaya, Zian, Tasmia

Anti-Bullying – Naim, Osman

Anti-Bullying – Anton, Younousse, Fahim, Abdul

Anti-Bullying – Laaibah, Lydia, Samirah

Anti-Bullying – Atifah, Suraya, Thazkiyra, Maliha

Anti-Bullying: Hamzah, Muhammad, Zain, Sadman, Rayhan, Yahya