This term year 4 have been taking part in a fantastic project organised by Open City, called Architecture in Schools. We were partnered with Jestico + Whiles, an architects practice based near the Barbican. We went to visit the practice as part of the project, and it was very inspiring hearing about all of the buildings they have designed.

The brief for the Architecture in Schools project was Shared Spaces. Our nearest shared space is Chrisp Street market, and year 4 embarked on a very ambitious project – to redesign the market!

We talked about what the market was used for and what we had learned about our visit to the Barbican, to influence our ideas about how we could make our shared space better.

Working in small groups we designed and built architectural models thinking about scale and purpose. Between the classes, we built a playground, conservatory, sports centre, theatre, cinema, market, school, gallery, cafe, health centre, community centre, library and housing. Wow! What an exciting proposal for developing Chrisp Street!