Today we had a class assembly focusing on anti-bullying. The pupils watched a  cartoon called ‘For the Birds’ which although humorous, had a strong underlying message about discrimination. In their tables they created a question related to the video that they wanted to discuss, and chose one pupil to present it to the class. The whole class then voted on which question they preferred and discussed it in a whole class circle.

Here are some pupils reflections:

Sadiya:  ‘We concentrated on why do people start bullying? I said, sometimes people at first aren’t bullies but pretend to be bullies so that they can be cool. I felt like everyone spoke what they truly believed and that this lesson went really well. I was really intrigued.’

Abdi: ‘We talked about how bullies are lonely and may have been bullied in the past. Also how bullies show off and want to look cool.’

Ifhaz: ‘I learned (from the video) not to bully someone just because of their appearance. Also, I don’t think it’s right that the victim should then laugh at the bully when they get in trouble.’

The pupils acted in a mature way to facilitate a really meaningful discussion. At the end we played a quick fun game as a light-hearted finish!