Hi everyone,

We started the day with a nice healthy breakfast: bagel and cereal. After that we played (football) in the field. The next hour we started our activities- group A went caving and group B and C went on the high ropes.

After having our lunch: sandwich, biscuits, fruits, crisps and a drink, group A and C went climbing and zip wiring while group B went caving. Even though it was wet and muddy, the activities were bags of fun!

Once our activities had ended, we had our dinner which was spaghetti bolognese. Then we had a pudding of jelly or Swiss roll.

Later we watched the Belgium vs France match(I know you all watched it too!)

Finally, we had the campfire- it was a great experience. We shared our favourite memories about Lambourne End and had hot chocolate. A great ending to a fantastic day!