Here is a short list of areas to revise in the holidays.


To round numbers to the nearest whole, 10, 100 etc

Example: Round 209.06 to the nearest 100.

Negative Numbers

When you add a negative number to a positive number you are counting towards 0 and then past it.

Example: -5 + 8 = 3

Ordering decimals

It’s important to remember that 0.09 is smaller than 0.6.

Example: Put these numbers in order, starting with the smallest:

0.78          0.607           5.6              0.098

What is the number she started with?

With these types of questions, you need to start at the end of the problem and work backwards using the inverse.


Jamie chooses a number less than 20

She divides it by 2 and then adds 6

She then divides this result by 3

Her answer is 4.5

What was the number she started with?


By Jamie-Lee, Yasir and Erbolot.