6A have been studying hard for their SATs. Here are some areas of learning that should be revised over the holidays.  We have also included some example questions for you to answer.

 Inverted Commas   

Tick where the missing inverted commas should go.

Roman life was unlike modern life, the archaeologist said.


Circle all the prepositions in the sentence below

He walked through the doorway and sat behind the desk.


Circle the sentence which is an exclamations

  • What a lovely dress
  •  Where did you get your glasses
  •   Will you stop shouting

Semi Colons

Insert the semi-colon in the correct place in the sentence below.

There are Roman ruins near our village they are being evacuated next week.

 Standard English

Which sentence is written in Standard English?

I went to the library and done my homework

They seen their friends at the cinema

I been to the circus with my aunt and uncle

I sang with the school choir in the concert


Written by: Tariq A, Zaynab, Ibrahim and Michael.